God’s Tithes & Our Offerings

We believe that financial giving to God’s church is a vital part of being a Christian.  God commands each of us to tithe (give a tenth of our income to the church) not just for our own good, but for the good of our whole community.  The fact is, we cannot continue our ministries without your financial support.  Think of all the good that goes on around here, about how you’ve seen people blessed by our church, and about how you’ve been blessed personally!

We collect God’s tithes and our offerings during each of our worship services via cash or check, but you can also give online via credit/debit card or straight from your bank account!  There are no extra fees for you.  Just click on the large “give” button below or go to https://giving.ncsservices.org/dl/?uid=ncs-3139 and put in your information.  You can give anonymously by checking out as a guest, or if you’re a regular attender, you can create an account so that you can securely store your payment information.  You can even set up automatic payments!  If you have any questions, the folks at e-giving are always ready to help, or you can contact our finance team at patti@dwightumc.org.

*If you would like DUMC to track your giving for tax purposes or for accountability, you MUST register an account.  Tithes made as a “guest” CANNOT be tracked by us and WILL NOT show up on your giving statement.  Be sure to enter your envelope number when you register or contact the church office to get one if you do not yet have one.