Adult Bible Studies

Bible studies are a great way to stay connected to the church throughout the week and to dig a little deeper into your faith.  These groups of 5-15 people get together once a week to spend time talking and reading about the faith.  We offer many different bible studies here at Dwight United Methodist.  Below is a list of groups that happen during the week.

Also be on the lookout for short seasonal studies!

Sunday Morning Bible Studies

Meet at 9:15 am (Between Services) Every Sunday

  • 4 Him – All adults welcome.  Class members take turns sharing leadership.  Meets in the music room.
  • Dave’s “Prayer & Share” – All adults welcome.  Led by Dave Bossert.  Consists of sharing and praying with one another.  Very informal and easy to join.  Meets in the library/lounge.
Midweek Bible Studies
  • Bible Seekers – All adults welcome.  Meets every Monday at 6:30 pm.  Led by Jane Hoffman.
  • The Hens – For adult women.  Meets every Wednesday at 8:30 am in the library/lounge.
Start a New Bible Study

We offer many different Bible Studies throughout the week for adults of all ages, but maybe you’d like to start your own.  Great!  If you’d like to lead a new Bible Study, we’d love to help.  Talk to Rev. Mary Arnold or e-mail her at to get started.  We will provide as much or as little help as you want.  If you have a specific plan in mind, that’s great! If you just have an inkling to lead a study but don’t know how or where to begin, we’ll gladly help you!.