Our Beliefs

from our denomination

United Methodists affirm the historic Christian faith as summarized in the Apostles’ creed and the Nicene Creed:

  • We believe in the Triune God, the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • We believe every person is a beloved child of God
  • We believe I the church as the community called to be instruments of God’s presence and coming reign in Jesus Christ.
  • We believe the Bible reveals the Word of God
  • We believe in the final triumph of God’s reign of compassion, justice, generosity and peace.

For more information about the beliefs of a United Methodist Christian, go to our denominational web page: www.umc.org

our beliefs

  • God made the whole universe, including stars, trees, and people.  God also loves every bit of his creation more than you can imagine.
  • We humans made some mistakes (and continue to do so), which kind of put a damper on our relationship with God, so God sent Jesus to show us how we’re really supposed to be living and to pay for all of our mistakes so that everything could be whole again.
  • God’s Holy Spirit is all around us an even inside of us if we choose to let him in.  He helps us understand things and live like Jesus did.  He’s also been known to do really crazy stuff like heal people from time to time.
  • If you have faith in Jesus Christ and follow his teaching and example, you’ll have a better life now and after you die.
  • The Bible is really important, because it was inspired by God in order to tell us all kinds of things about him, so we should all read it as much as we can.
  • God loves all of us an awful lot, and he really wants you to let him be a part of your life.  Prayer is the best way to get to do that.

Our Mission & Vision

With all of that in mind, our mission is a very simple one: to connect people to Christ.  Basically, that means we try our hardest to…

  • Show people Jesus in our daily lives
  • Tell people about Jesus’ love for them
  • Provide easy ways for people to learn about Jesus for themselves
  • Help people apply what they learn to daily life

Our Vision is “To grow and send followers who love and serve like Jesus, and give hope to our community.”