“Fear Take a Back Seat”

Anxiety overload. This phrase is being used to describe the emotional state many people find themselves in right now. The Covid pandemic has disrupted every area of life. There are worries from supply chain delays, divisions on how best to deal with this ongoing health crisis and fear for many from the disease itself. Life stressors have not changed. It is still lonely and isolating during bad winter weather. A spouse may decide to leave. Other health issues continue. Economic pressures, especially with rising heating costs and inflation are a reality for many. Worry and fear try to dominate our hearts and minds. We are called to be people of faith. Fear needs to take a back seat. Evaluate your situation. Are you in imminent danger? Or does something in the future concern you? Most often the things we fear are not imminent. They may never happen. To face your fears, know your resources. What is available to deal with your fears? First and foremost, God is always available. Pray, asking for God’s help and guidance. Look around for who God has placed in your life to help you. Can you ask someone at church for guidance if you are having financial issues or need help with something at your house? Is there someone who has raised children that can offer you encouragement if you’re having challenges with yours? If driving is a problem, are there others who can give you rides? When we reach out to the Lord and to those He places in our lives, we find courage to face our fears and they take a back seat, allow Jesus to be the driving force in our lives. We find a deeper connection with other people of faith. Blessings, Pastor Mary

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