Jacob Wrestles with God

 This Sunday we encounter Jacob, the son of Rebecca and Isaac, and grandson of Abraham and Sarah.  We often remember Jacob and his younger twin brother, Esau.

In this weeks story from Genesis 32, we find Jacob wrestling with God (literally wrestling it would seem!)  The setting for the story is one of potential family reconciliation.  Jacob is about to enter into Canaan and attempt reconciliation with Esau (his twin) with whom he is estranged.

Have you ever felt as if you wrestled with God, spiritually?  Jacob surely did; and in the end, he received the blessing from God that he desperately sought.  Through this experience, Jacob was shaped and sharpened by God, and such is the nature of our becoming as we seek to be more and more like Jesus.

We hope you will be present with us in worship this Sunday.  Our services are at 8:00 and 10:30 a.m., and we look forward to welcoming you among us.

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