“Life – Time Guarantee” -Hope

Recently, a fellow pastor posted about getting excited whenever they heard “life-time guarantee.” How great it would be if something never had to be replaced. But they wondered, is that really the case? Will it really last? God gives us things that last, treasures that cannot be destroyed that are being stored for us in Heaven. This Advent season we are considering the gifts of Christmas that don’t break: Hope, love, joy, peace and faith in Jesus. We are using James Moore’s book, “Christmas Gifts that Won’t Break” for our resource. We will be looking at how in Jesus, we gain hope that doesn’t break. I don’t know about you, but my hope has gotten pretty banged up this year. It needs some revitalization. Join us this week as we look at having hope in the midst of the challenges each of us face and living out our hope as people of faith as we begin the Advent season and the preparations for Christmas. Blessings, Pastor Mary

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